A Swiss interdisciplinary network

The NCCR Microbiomes integrates 20 research groups from six research institutions across Switzerland. The researchers gathered in the NCCR cover very diverse scientific fields: experimental biology, bioengineering, clinical microbiology, computational biology, bioinformatics, and evolutionary biology. They study microbiomes in humans, plants, animals, soils, and industrial systems.

Research in the NCCR Microbiomes is structured in six interconnected work packages (WP): several groups participate in each WP, and all groups are active in more than one WP. Two NCCR principal investigators supervise each PhD student, which promotes interactions between the participating groups and contributes to strengthening the network. The NCCR Microbiomes aims to build a tight-knit community of scientists working in all aspects of microbiomes across Switzerland.

Other consortia and initiatives in microbiome research

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