Management organigramme of the NCCR Microbiomes.


Director Jan Roelof van der Meer Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology, University of Lausanne
Co-Director Julia Vorholt Microbial Physiology, ETH Zurich
Deputy Director Philipp Engel Host-associated Microbial Communities, University of Lausanne
Deputy Co-Director Emma Wetter Slack Food Immunology, ETH Zurich

Management team

Operational Manager Eavan Dorcey
Scientific and Technology Program Manager Robin Tecon

Principal Investigators

Martin Ackermann Microbial Systems Ecology, ETH Zurich
Rizlan Bernier-Latmani Environmental Microbiology, EPFL
Gilbert Greub Clinical Microbiology, Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Benoît Guery Bacterial and Fungal Infections, Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Siegfried Hapfelmeier Gut Microbiology, University of Bern
Wolf-Dietrich Hardt Salmonella Pathogenesis, ETH Zurich
Vassily Hatzimanikatis Computational Systems Biotechnology, EPFL
Christof Holliger Environmental Biotechnology, EPFL
Tadeus J. Kawecki Experimental Evolutionary Biology, University of Lausanne
Christoph Keel Pseudomonas Plant and Insect Interaction, University of Lausanne
Sara Mitri Evolutionary Ecology of Microbial Communities, University of Lausanne
Ian Sanders Ecology and Evolution of Symbiotic Organisms, University of Lausanne
Yolanda Schaerli Bacterial Synthetic Biology, University of Lausanne
Roman Stocker Environmental Microfluidics, ETH Zurich
Shinichi Sunagawa Microbiome Diversity and Functions, ETH Zurich
Christian von Mering Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, University of Zurich

The NCCR Consortium

The NCCR Microbiomes is a consortium integrating 20 research groups from six institutions across Switzerland. The University of Lausanne (UNIL) acts as leading house, and ETH Zurich (ETHZ) as co-leading house. The NCCR is directed by Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer (director, UNIL) and Prof. Julia Vorholt (co-director, ETHZ). Prof. Philipp Engel (UNIL) and Prof. Emma Slack (ETHZ) act as deputy director and co-director, respectively.

Six interlinked work packages (WP) tackle the research questions of the NCCR. Each WP gathers several research groups, with all groups being active across multiple WPs. One to two NCCR principal investigators (PIs) lead each WP and coordinate their efforts across the whole network.

The NCCR Microbiomes is managed by Dr. Robin Tecon (Programme Manager) and Dr. Eavan Dorcey (Operational Manager), who are in charge of the daily operations of the consortium, its scientific coordination, educational activities, knowledge and technology transfer, and equal opportunities.

The Steering Committee of the NCCR gathers the NCCR Direction, WP leaders and Operational and Programme managers. It coordinates research integration in close discussion with all Principal Investigators within the work packages, monitors research progress and difficulties, and advises on the use of shared or collective infrastructure.

A Scientific Advisory Board annually evaluates the NCCR, its research accomplishments, collaborations, knowledge and technology transfer, and education activities. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are listed above.

All members of the NCCR Microbiomes constitute its General Assembly, which meets annually. The NCCR Ethical Committee is formed by PIs with translational research and clinical experience, and under the responsibility of the Programme Manager. It oversees the NCCR activities requiring coordination of ethical approval or more profound discussion of data and results dissemination or of societal implications of microbiome management