Knowledge transfer will be promoted within the NCCR and with external partners, as well as with the general public. The NCCR Microbiomes will organize an International Microbiomes Conference annually, with presentations from internal and high-profile invited speakers. Within the conference, long poster sessions will encourage participation by all members of the NCCR and foster discussion, with the goal of further enhancing collaboration and integration.

Workshops or meetings will be organized for specific stakeholder groups such as cantonal authorities or laboratories, advisors, farmers, clinicians, industry. These meetings will enable the presentation, discussion and transmission of relevant information and concepts of the NCCR to the stakeholders. The NCCR Microbiomes will invite international experts for short-term research stays, and will fund similar sabbaticals for NCCR members in external research groups.

Finally, the NCCR Educational Programmes will organize educational activities outside the NCCR in order to promote microbiome literacy among the public. This will take the form of, for example, activities at schools, joint workshops with public laboratories such as L’éprouvette (at the University of Lausanne) or Scientifica (at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich), or specific exhibitions at partner museums.