Learn about about bacteria, viruses and their environment in a fun and interactive way with our video game Microbiomes!

In our game, you will solve unique and challenging puzzles based on how microbes interact with each other and their environment. Discover our seven characters whose characteristics represent those of real microbes. Can you crack all 36 levels?

Microbiomes can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

Classroom learning modules

We are currently developing learning modules to facilitate the adoption of Microbiomes as a learning tool in schools. The learning modules align with Swiss biology evaluation criteria, such as:

  • Identify the characteristics of living things: they feed, excrete, breathe, reproduce, and die.
  • Study the main infectious agents.
  • Highlight the role of autotrophic organisms.

We have versions of the learning modules in French, English, and German, and are happy to translate them to other languages as well.

If you are a teacher within or outside Switzerland interested in helping us develop the learning modules and the video game for classroom use, please reach out to contact@nccr-microbiomes.ch.

Microbiomes was developed as a collaboration between Koboldgames and the NCCR Microbiomes (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation). We are very grateful for the generous support of the Fondation Leenaards and the Fondation Herbette. It was nominated for the Swiss Game Awards 2022.