Bachelor and Master Level Classes

  • Reform of the bachelor’s level biology curriculum at ETHZ: The study program uses evolution as a narrative and emphasizes the roles of Students (about 350 in year 1 of the studies) from biology, biochemistry, interdisciplinary sciences and pharmacy curricula follow the biology core lectures. The feedback from students and lecturers is very positive and a text book project has been launched with CRC Press
  • Sequence a genome (88 h days, 4 ECTS): Existing obligatory Master class at UNIL, reoriented to include metagenome sequencing since the NCCR was 20-30 students annually
  • Microbiome-centered writing class (1.5 ECTS): New (NCCR) Master class at UNIL with 10-12 students annually
  • Practical microbiome analysis (42 h, 3 ECTS): New (NCCR) Master class at UNIL, with 10-15 students taken the course since the NCCR was launched
  • Bacterial genomes and genome evolution (1.5 ECTS): Existing Master class at UNIL, reoriented to focus on functional pathway analysis in open data bases (10-15 students since start of NCCR)
  • A plant microbiomes block course, as well as block courses related to animal microbiomes and computational microbiomes block courses are organized at ETHZ. These courses take place annually for 4 weeks and combine theory and practical lab work in groups of 8-15 students each
  • A new bioinformatics course is organized at ETHZ (bachelor level, annually, 80 students)

Join interinstitutional Master projects

The NCCR Microbiomes offers Master students the possibility of carrying out co-supervised, inter-institutional Master projects. These projects involve having two supervisors from different partner institutions, and spending some time during the project at the co-supervisor’s home institution. If you are interested in carrying out such a project, email us at for more information.