The NCCR Microbiomes will foster the training of a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers, through the funding of cross-disciplinary PhD and postdoctoral projects co-hosted by two research groups.

NCCR young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) will profit from specific training activities organised by the NCCR Educational Programmes. These will include training courses and workshops on NCCR technologies and concepts (for example computational models, metagenomic analysis, synthetic consortia building), as well as soft-skill classes to support young scientists in their career development (entrepreneurship, academic group management, fundraising, scientific presentations, job interviews, industry internships).

A Swiss-wide NCCR Microbiomes graduate program between UNIL-ETHZ and NCCR partner institutions will be initiated. This program will coordinate teaching and training for PhD students within the NCCR and for interested external students. It will offer teaching and training modules whereby PhD students remain integrated within the existing graduate schools at their host university. To further promote contact within the NCCR and with high-profile experts, the NCCR Microbiomes will organize a common international and open seminar series, to be held at the two leading houses.

To promote training for students outside the NCCR, the program will organize international Summer Schools at UNIL or ETHZ on selected topics from the NCCR Microbiomes.