PhD Student and Postdoc Training

  • Co-mentoring system: all NCCR PhD students and postdocs are encouraged to choose a second PI within the NCCR as their mentor, with the NCCR management assisting in identifying an appropriate mentor and establishing contact if necessary
  • Lab exchange programme: young researchers are hosted in a collaborating lab for up to few weeks
  • Creation of NCCR Clubs: PhD student- and postdoc-led discussion groups that focus on specific topics of interested, suggested bottom-up (examples include image analysis, interspecific interaction database, meta-transcriptomics analysis, genome-scale metabolic models, computational modeling)

The following courses were organised or co-organised with other programs:

  • Ten-hour tutorial, Origin and consequences of the human microbiota imbalance on health, led by P. Vonaesch and open to all UNIL doctoral students
  • Joint Spring School on Bioinformatics and Computational Approached in Microbiology (May 2022), together with NCCR AntiResist and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Online introductory workshops on: in situ chemotaxis analysis (Nov 2021), community modeling (Jan 2022), image analysis (Jan 2022), microfluidics (Feb 2022), IP in biotechnology (with the Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property, Jun 2023)
  • Lay Communication: Using microbiology to connect with the public, co-organised with CUSO (Neuch√Ętel, March to May 2023)
  • Plant Immunity Workshop, co-organised with the EU-program DECRyPT (Zurich, Apr 2023)
  • HiFi sequencing for microbiome research, co-organised with PacBio and UNIL Genomics Technologies Facility (Lausanne, March 2023)
  • Workshop on standards, methods and applications of metabolic reconstruction (Bern, May 2023)
  • Metabolomics Workshop, co-organised with the EU program SymbNET and the UNIL Metabolomics Facility (Lausanne, June 2023)
  • NCCR internal workshop on quantifying microbial interactions in time and space using data and model (Guggisberg, Bern, Sep 2023)
  • NCCR seminar series
  • NCCR career lunch talks: five informal online talks from professionals with a microbiology background currently working in start-ups, asset management, consulting or publishing

The following courses were specifically organised with a focus on Open Science:

  • Secondary Analysis of Microbiomes Data, 30-hour short course organised by NCCR Data Manager Kendra Brown and taught by three NCCR postdoctoral researchers, and open to doctoral students and postdocs from any institution (Mar to May 2023)
  • Open Research Data meetings, co-organised with NCCRs AntiResist, Automation, Catalysis, Evolving Language, MARVEL, and Molecular Systems Engineering (Lausanne, Zurich and Basel, Apr to Jun 2023)
  • Open Research Data workshop and retreat (Oct 2022)