Discover the wonders of microbial ecology! As part of the ISME18 conference, the NCCR Microbiomes co-organises an outreach event to bring microbiology closer to the larger public. Taking place on 17 August 2022 from 16h, this scientific fair will offer a broad audience from the Lausanne area, as well as the ISME 18 participants, the possibility to break down the barriers between science and the public, building trust and confidence in scientific methods and solutions.

ISME18 participants will have the possibility to actively participate in a number of activities taking part within ‘Discover the Microverse’. These include:

  • A scientific image exhibition and competition. Images can be submitted electronically with a caption in English and will be printed for you and displayed in the exhibition area. 
  • A scientific short film competition. Films of up to one minute in length with English dialogue or subtitles can be submitted electronically and will be played on loop in the exhibition area.
  • “Ask a scientist” booths, where scientists can give a list of three to four questions or topics that a member of the public can ask them about, one-on-one.
  • Panel discussion “Explaining the Microverse”:: several science communication experts will discuss ways to improve and increase the effectiveness of how we communicate. The panel discussion is open to all ISME18 participants.

Explain the Microverse panelists