The NCCR Microbiomes aims to share its results with society and to increase microbiome literacy in the population. It will build liaisons to public science centres in order to facilitate communication with the general public and schools. The NCCR Microbiomes will team up with UNIL and ETHZ outreach activities such as L’éprouvette (UNIL) and Treffpunkt Science City (ETHZ). Together with these popular platforms, the NCCR will provide insight into the world of research through lectures, science talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, laboratory tours, and educational games. This will give the public a chance to discover how new knowledge is generated and how it affects our world.

Taking this contact with the public as inspiration, the project will develop exhibition materials for display in NCCR member universities, and seek partners in science museums such as the ‘Musée de la main’ (UNIL-CHUV) or science fairs such as Scientifica (ETHZ-University of Zurich) to present a touring exhibition to inform the public about microbiome concepts and implications. This activity will persist after the lifetime of the project at the Centre for Microbiome Studies.