Nov 15, 2021 Schloss Münchenwiler (Switzerland)

LS2 – NCCR Microbiomes Symposium

The Life Sciences Switzerland LS2 Section Systems Biology and the NCCR Microbiomes are co-organising a symposium on ‘Emergent properties and self-organisation across scales’. The meeting will bring together researchers working on self-organising systems on different scales, including microbial systems. This concerted effort aims to increase our understanding of the rules governing emergence and self-organisation. NCCR Microbiomes PI Sara Mitri will be one of the speakers.

The symposium, organised by Yolanda Schaerli (UNIL, NCCR Microbiomes), Eavan Dorcey (NCCR Microbiomes) and Jessica Plucain (LS2) will take place at Schloss Münchenwiler on 15-16 November 2021.