Nov 6, 2022 Charmey

Open Science Meeting and Retreat for Young Researchers

Open access publications and open research data share scientific findings widely, allowing for more collaboration, innovation and discovery. This meeting will introduce you to major themes in Open Science and show how you, as an active researcher, can contribute.

Who: All PhD students and postdocs are welcome to apply for registration via this online form. (Registration deadline 23 September 2022.)


Monday and Tuesday are potentially eligible for 0.5 ECTS credits each.

Where: At the Hotel Cailler in Charmey.

Non-NCCR participants will be charged a registration fee of CHF 130, which includes meals provided by the hotel. Non-members from NCCR labs and NCCR external partners are offered a reduced fee of CHF 90.

Monday programme: What is Open Science? How can I make my research more open?


Professor Malcolm Macleod, University of Edinburgh

The culture shift in academic research toward Open Science

Dr. Gernot Pruschak, Berner Fachhochschule

Business models in Open Access publishing

Dr. Alan Pacheco, ETH Zurich

Open Research Data: the FAIR principles

Dr. Oksana Riba, Swiss Data Science Center

Reproducible workflows

Participant Presentations

Present a poster describing a protocol you use in your research – for example, an experimental method, analysis pipeline, or data cleaning procedure.

Tuesday programme: How might we cultivate a culture of openness within the NCCR?

Design thinking session