Sep 5, 2023 Online

Wenyu Gu on C02 and the physiology of methanogens

NCCR External Seminar

On 5 September, we are pleased to host Wenyu Gu, newly appointed Professor of Environmental Engineering at EPFL.  

Prof. Gu’s research is multifaceted and combines biotechnology, bioinformatics and mathematical modeling to address bacterial and archaeal physiology. Her interest is in the use of microbes for energy production, environmental remediation and improving human health. She notably plans to apply her expertise to water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

Wenyu Gu will give an NCCR talk entitled: ‘Microbial CO2 Recovery – Understanding Microbial Resource Allocation in Methanogens Using a Quantitative Biology Approach. The seminar will take place on 5 September 2023, from 12h00 to 13h00 CEST. You can access this public seminar through this Zoom link.