Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2022 Swiss Tech Convention Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
SSM Annual Meeting 2022
The year 2022 is a special year for the Swiss Society for Microbiology (SSM) as the society will celebrate its...
Aug 14 - Aug 19, 2022 Swiss Tech Convention Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
18th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology ISME 18 is the 18th edition of a non-profit symposium which takes place every...
Jun 7, 2022 Online
Alexander Loy on sulfur, bacteria and the human gut
NCCR Microbiomes Seminar Series We are delighted to announce that Alexander Loy, Professor for Microbial Communities at the University of...
Jun 2, 2022 Online
NCCR Microbiomes Career Paths
Beyond academia, many career paths are open to young scientists active in microbiome research. To illustrate that, the NCCR Microbiomes...
May 6, 2022 EPFL Rolex Learning Center
Swiss Microbiomes Forum
Innovation Forum Lausanne and the NCCR Microbiomes are proud to announce the first edition of the Swiss Microbiomes Forum, on...
May 3, 2022 Online
Jasmine Berg on environmental microbiogeochemistry
NCCR Microbiomes Seminar Series On 3 May, we are delighted to host Jasmine Berg, Assistant Professor in the Institute of...
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