15 July 2022

NCCR Seminar Series Fall 2022

The NCCR Seminar Series will be back online after the summer break! The first Tuesdays of the month, at 12h00 CET.

Again, the programme will take us across a wide diversity of exciting microbiome research:

6 September 2022 – Plant microbiomes: Fabrice Roux (INRAE Toulouse) reveals genetic determinants of adaptation to microbial commensals and pathogens in the host plant.

4 October 2022 – Modeling microbiomes: Anne-Florence Bitbol (EPFL) builds quantitative models of the gut microbiota that explore the spatial and physical features at play in population diversity.  

1 November 2022 – Engineering microbiomes: Randall Platt (ETH Zurich) harnesses gene-editing technology to turn bacteria into live recorders of transcriptional activity.

6 December 2022 – Human microbiomes: Marjon de Vos (University of Groningen) summons ecology and evolution to the study of polymicrobial infections and antibiotic resistance.

Download the pdf programme here.