14 December 2023

Sabrina Stöckli awarded a BRIDGE grant for the spin-off Santella.

Our warmest congratulations to Sabrina Stöckli and the team of Santella for receiving a BRIDGE Proof of Concept grant from the SNSF-Innosuisse funding program! They will receive up to 130’000 Swiss francs to implement their project.

Santella is an NCCR spin-off project led by Sabrina Stöckli, Olivier Schären and Siegfried Hapfelmeier at the University of Bern. In Switzerland and the world, bacterial infections are a major problem in livestock production, especially poultry. Sick animals are currently treated with antibiotics, with undesired negative effects such as the rise of antibiotic resistance. To circumvent this issue, Santella is developing live probiotic vaccines to fight disease caused by pathogenic enterobacteria without resorting to antibiotics.