28 February 2022

Santella among the Top12 in the STAGE UP 2022 competition

Santella, an NCCR spin-off project led by Siegfried Hapfelmeier, Olivier Schären and Sabrina Stöckli at the University of Bern, has successfully reached the second phase in the Bernese Business Creation Competition STAGE UP.  This will provide the Santella team with further workshops and coaching opportunities to continue to improve their business idea. In May 2022, the five top teams will compete in a final round in front of a public audience during the STAGE UP Award Night.

In Switzerland and the world, bacterial infections are a major problem in livestock production, especially poultry. Sick animals are currently treated with antibiotics, with undesired negative effects such as the rise of antibiotic resistance. To circumvent this issue, Santella is developing live probiotic vaccines to fight diseases caused by pathogenic enterobacteria without resorting to antibiotics. 

Learn more about the project in this interview.