Since 2023, the NCCR Microbiomes invites applications for short-term research fellowships. These fellowships will support undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs from outside of the NCCR who are affiliated with a different institution. The duration of each fellowship will be 3–12 months.

To apply, please contact the NCCR PrincipaI Investigator(s) you would like to work with and provide your CV and motivation letter. It is possible for a fellow to rotate labs, provided the relevant PIs agree. Work with the PI(s) to complete an application. Find out more about the NCCR research groups and Principal Investigators in our organisation page:

Applications will be submitted by the host PI. Only complete applications, including a letter of support from the PI, will be considered. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Fellowships may start in on any date agreed upon by the fellow and the PI.

Please send any questions to