Jan 23, 2024 Online and Lausanne/Zurich/Bern

Joint NCCR course on Lateral Leadership

In our work life, we often face situations in which we wish we could have more influence in project decisions, but we do not have the authority to issue directives ourselves. In such situations we usually use the techniques we know and with which we feel comfortable: reasoning and discussing issues skillfully. It can be frustrating to eventually observe that our plans are not realized for reasons we cannot understand.

This 4-​day learning program on Lateral Leadership, co-organised by NCCRs Microbiomes, Automation, Digital Fabrication and by the ETH Zurich Competence Center for Materials and Processes (MaP), covers a wide range of techniques that can be used to exert influence and deal with resistance. During the course, participants are asked to describe a challenge they have (e.g. personal case study), which they wish to resolve. The program will help participants to directly implement what they have learned to support them with their own case study. This learning program comprises:

Participants should allow approx. 1 day each for the Zoom sessions and peer-​​group meetings as well as 2 days to work through the self-​​paced learning modules. They are expected to reserve enough time to work on the different modules in between the Zoom sessions with the instructor.

Goals: the participants


The course will be led by Eva Gottschewski and Anna Bendel, experts in leadership and personal development (https://www.gottschewski.ch/en/home/). Course fees for members of the NCCR Microbiomes will be covered by the NCCR, but will have to be reimbursed by the participants in case of an unjustified no-show. Places are limited, please register through this link. For more information, please email contact@nccr-microbiomes.ch